There are 2 kinds of membership affiliations depending on your professional qualifications and affiliations, however all members are welcome and can participate fully in the society.

Active Membership

Active membership is open to registered professional nurses who are concerned with or engaged in the practice of addictions nursing. Active members may vote and hold office.

Associate Membership

This is open to persons other than registered professional nurses- such as student nurses, non- professional nurses (enrolled nurses and enrolled nursing assistants) or individuals and organisations who are concerned with addictions nursing. There are lesser dues for affiliate members, who may not vote or hold office but can be active members of working groups or special interest projects. The society leadership are committed to making decisions affecting non- professional nurses and other affiliate members with a view to supporting their development and participation in the life of the society and valuing their contributions and perspectives. The board will actively look for opportunities that overcome barriers to their participation.

Membership: benefits, aims and objectives

  • Build a body of work centred around nursing theories and comprehensive nursing practice (primary and secondary prevention, curative and rehabilitative healthcare) in the South African context, and internationally.
  • Build support and professional development and collaboration opportunities for nursing practitioners.
  • Actively create and access ongoing educational and clinical resources for personal and professional growth in members. Enable the development of nurse experts and leaders.
  • Support the wellbeing of addiction and harm reduction nurse practitioners in all areas of their life.
  • Develop nurse- lead standards of care and practice and protect nurses from unscrupulous service providers.
  • Maintain a professional network of nurses working in addiction care that enhances and increases professional practice.

How to become a member